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Manifest the Real Deal:
Have a Best Friend, Best Lover for Life.©
Build the confidence to ask for what you truly deserve;
enduring happiness.

                     Your task is not to seek love, but merely to seek and find
                  all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.


        Are you tired of dead end relationships? When an intimate relationship,

whether it be a friend, family member or romantic love suddenly ends,

pain and frustration takes a toll on us. This workshop teaches a pathway

through the overcrowded landscape of possibilities and puts you in the

driver's seat, giving you the opportunity to avoid dead ends entirely.

      The love you attract in this world mirrors the way you relate to yourself.

If you fail to cherish yourself, you will invite people who ignore your needs.

If you live without boundaries, you will find needy people who want to latch on and drain you. Putting yourself second (or third or fourth) will attract

narcissists who might never concern themselves with your needs.

If you belittle yourself or criticize yourself, you will attract people who are

impossible to please and who will abuse you, physically or emotionally.

And so on.
        Why do we make decisions the way which we do? Where is the inner

program which resides deeper than our conscious mind? This workshop will

help you go deep within your core to manifest your own happiness,

independent of external influences. When we are disconnected from our

guiding Source within, it creates painful circumstances. You will learn practical exercises you can integrate into your everyday life. These exercises will help you get in touch and stay in touch with your intuition.

        Manifest the Read Deal is a wonderful pathway to self-empowerment. we

use journaling tools to dig down into the records we all carry and helps us to get a look at what our deepest beliefs are - and where they originated.

By using specific exercises, steps can be taken to rewrite what is no longer

applicable to our lives now. Learning how to set boundaries and about the

subtle laws of Karma also helps us to stay centered and manifest our choice

of truly being happy. Core happiness is hard to shake; it is something which

always renews itself.


        If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.
                                                            ~Albert Einstein


                                      Part 1:  Who is Driving This Car?
Ever since we were children, we have downloaded definitions of male and female roles, directly and indirectly. Part A will help us unwrap this

programming, even at a subliminal level.

        A. Unwrap the Mummy.
             This following exercise starts with a detailed two part questionnaire

that helps us see exactly what our belief system is. We must clarify our

definitions of the different roles that men and women play in our society

today, and the values associated with them. By answering these questions,

we look at our ideology on a deeper level.
        B. According to Whom?
            This exercise helps us to see the source of our definitions, and where we

picked up our beliefs. What experiences did we encounter that left a message

regarding our place in the scheme of things? Where is this invisible Council in

the Sky that teaches us what we should be?
        C. Rewire Your Hardware
           Sometimes the information we gather in the first part is very surprising

and we now get to begin the process of re-organizing the files. Bringing our subconscious dictionary into the conscious mind for inspection is the first step

towards being in charge of ourselves.


      A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful

                                    than a life spent fearing imperfections.
                                                        ~George Bernard Shaw


                                                        Part 2: Take Back Choice
        Many of us, while we were growing up, lost the idea that we had any choice in our lives. This is a belief that needs to be uprooted and thrown away once and for all. We will take our subconscious choice mechanism bring it to our conscious mind, and fix it by utilizing the following steps.                                                                                                      
        A. Writing 101
           We start with a basic affirmation and start to write it and say it at the same time in order to begin to open the door of change. This is done concurrently with the other exercises.
        B. The Power of Words
           We begin to work at accessing the subconscious choice mechanism. The

power of our thoughts and words in manifesting our future is discussed, and

different modalities are brought in to offset any detrimental programs that we

carry. We build other programs in which we are giving ourselves many choices

in any given situation. This is first accomplished not by using positive

affirmations that sometimes deny or cover-up the root feeling, but by

acknowledging the part of us that is manifesting a particular belief or behavior.

           By embracing what we fear, we can move through it much quicker. We can then begin to repattern a positive, life affirming choice. This is a particularly empowering exercise.
           It works by acknowledging something that we all must own, something that in the past actually meant "learned" (Old French borrowed from Latin). The word is authority, and it means of having strength in our convictions, not in having power over others. Lack of inner authority is what leads us to try to exert power over another or allows people to influence us in ways that we do not want.


                                  To see things in the seed, that is genius.
                                                            ~ Lao-Tzu


                                            Part 3. Build a Sanctuary
        In the Middle Ages, Sanctuaries were sacred places that even the King’s soldiers could not invade. We need to build such a place today on an inner level, and by doing so, understand the true differences between
Unconditional Love and Intimate Love. For those who have difficulty with boundaries, we use a hands-on worksheet that gives us a tool to apply discernment in all our relationship choices, be it family, friends
or romantic love.                         
        A. Map our World
             We begin this exercise by taking a form and mapping out our relationships that we interact with on a consistent basis. Friends, family, co-workers are all noted and we begin to realize the shades of grey that are possible in our relationships. We examine who we are most vulnerable to, and justify it.
         B.Look at the Whole Picture
            Often we sit in the ruins of a broken relationship only to say, “I never realized that he/she would treat me this way!” We learn to objectively observe all the sides of an intimate relationship, be it friend, family or romantic love. Judge the relationship on what it is, not what it could be. We have never run down a dead end road without seeing plenty of evidence beforehand. Use our experience to turn 20/20 hindsight into 20/20 foresight. No more surprises!   Define the difference between Alpha and Type A; they are not interchangeable but quite distinct.          
        C. Stop at the Red Lights!
             Now we go back to look back at previous relationships. We tend to repeat mistakes until we learn them, so we begin by looking at past relationships whether friend or lover and listing the qualities that we were too late in discovering that led to a painful ending. We study how we missed all the red lights from the very beginning of the relationship that were warning us of an upcoming dead end.
        D. Clue List
             Building a Clue List allows us to have a reference to remind us of what we missed before. The actual process of writing this down on our map not only helps us to integrate it on a conscious level quicker than we could if we were just discussing it,
it actually stays as a reminder of what we may have missed the first time.                                                                                                            
        E. Trust is a Seed
            This takes the time pressure off of us in order to allow us the time to build a solid foundation of friendship and trust. We use the common sense techniques that we use for our businesses, homes and possessions to guard our most precious part, our Heart and Soul. Trust vs. Mistrust; is this the only path?

               We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.
               We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

                                                       ~Teilhard de Chardin


                                                       Part 4.Circle of Life
        The old wisdom that what goes around, comes around is explored next. This part ties up all that we have learned so far and gives us back our steering wheel.

        A. Golden Rule Pt.1
             To really understand this Rule on all the levels, we need to explore all the aspects of this saying, which has been written in every culture. The Circle it represents is an archetypal symbol for being fully human.                                                                                                                                  
        B. Half Circle          
            What happens to the field of energy that flows around our bodies when the Circle is blocked? How does this affect the direction that we are going in and the opportunities that we encounter? And how do we
attract people or situations? We rarely use logic in explaining why a particular friend or partner drew us in the first place, some vague memory as we sit and try to piece it together. This is a way to see what we are subconsciously projecting and attracting.
        C. It Is Better to Give than to Receive - NOT!
             Is this a saying that allows us to stay in our Sanctuaries? If we want to be equal partners in all our relationships, we need to begin to understand what a true Partner is, as opposed to a Roommate.
Examining the differences between the words "receive" and "take" give us a very different message. "It is better to give than to take" is a healthier, less victimizing attitude. One should never take anything, for taking implies by force or trickery. Yet where would children be if they didn't receive, for example? What if they didn't receive the love, the wisdom, or the friendship, that they encounter in their lives? It is truly better to give and to receive. These are some tips to relearn the quality
of accepting that you had as a young child. There are many ways to get the ball rolling, such as learning to delegate projects to others and learning how we should be asking for help or attention.
Receive as graciously as you give so that the Circle can start flowing again.                        
        D. Coddle Ourselves
             Learning how to receive takes two different steps. Receiving from others is one, but learning to coddle ourselves, to receive from ourselves, even to protect ourselves without aggression is another. People’s treatment of us is a reflection of how we treat ourselves. Belief in our worthiness is part of the whole picture. A great empowering mantra is used, simple but very effective. Also, another checklist to make sure we are including ourselves in our choice mechanism.
        E. Circles, Circles Everywhere
            We can use certain visualizations to begin to honor the connections that are already present in our lives to the Universe, and the abundance that comes from it. Understanding our connection and the ability we have for accessing this level of awareness is explored.
        F. Playtime
            There is a need for unresponsible relaxation time in our lives. Not irresponsible, UNresponsible. A time when we are playing and enjoying our creative side without any scores to keep or records to break.  This helps us to begin the next stage for our Spiritual renewal.          
        G. Stop Light Center
           Hearing something is one thing, putting it into practice is another. There are ways for us to begin to integrate the new patterns at a better pace. Snippets of time here and there give us time to quiet the mind are examined with a few examples to consistently stay centered in a feeling of self empowerment.
Learn to take The Pause.            
        H. Golden Rule Pt. 2
             How do we now learn to protect ourselves from those around us that are aggressive? The flip side of the Golden Rule is discovered here; in other words, don't accept treatment from others that does not reflect
how you treat them. How can we do this and keep our Karmic Record clean? One way: Objective Awareness.
        I. The Flip~Flop Law
           One of the easiest ways to judge how we are to react is to apply a measuring tape to the way that people treat us. If someone treats us in a way that makes us feel unhappy, the first reflex must be to take a step back and to say, “Do I do this (or say this) to other people?” If the answer is "Yes", it is time to rethink our own behavior and change it. If the answer is "No", then we have to realize that we do not have to accept it. There is the difference between settling and compromising.
        J. Don’t Take it Personally
           Everyone tells us not to take it personally, but no one tells us how to do so. How can we do that when it is someone close to us that is attacking? When we understand how motivation puts a spin on  our behavior, it is easier to disassociate from angry responses when we run into aggressive behavior.  For the most part, people’s actions and reactions come from one of two places, Love or Fear. We learn to differentiate the characteristics between the two and see the clues that let us know the basic motivation for the reactions that we have.                   
        K. And... ?
           We start with effective, non-aggressive ways to let people know that your boundaries have been crossed. But what about those who refuse to listen, or are accustomed to stepping on your toes? Here are some very simple, nearly flawless techniques to pop the sails of the aggressor that is in your face without picking up unnecessary bad Karma, or enabling the abuser to continue to feed off your confusion. Also, you have the tools to use the next time the same situation occurs. 


Manifest the Real Deal Workshop