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Manifest the Real Deal:
Have a Best Friend, Best Lover for Life!

Are you tired of dead end relationships? Whether they are with a partner, family member, or at work, the pain and frustration of dead end relationships takes a toll. This is a pathway out of that confusion that puts you in the driver's seat. The experiences that we have in this world are a mirror image of the way we relate to our inner self. This workshop will help you go deep within your core to manifest your own happiness, independent of external influences. If we are disconnected from our guiding Source within, it creates circumstances that can often be painful. You will learn practical exercises that you can integrate into your everyday life. These exercises will help you get in touch and stay in touch with your intuition. It is a wonderful pathway to self-empowerment. If you would like to see a more detailed course description, go to Manifest the Real Deal.  The weekend workshop covers these four topics:

•Who's Driving this Car?
What are your core beliefs? Learn to consciously reorganize the programming that affects all your decisions.

•Take Back Choice
Explore the power our words & beliefs have in creating our future. Rewrite your life contracts.

•Build a Sanctuary
Understand the relationships that we have and where they belong. Learn to live without walls and trust without fear.

•Circle of Life
Integrate balanced giving and receiving into your everyday life. Learn to consciously create your highest future.

As we learn to apply the subtle Laws of Karma and regain the feeling of being centered, regardless of the conditions, we begin to outwardly manifest our Inner Divinity. Lesley Lupo, a licensed NLP therapist with more than 25 years of experience as an Intuitive Therapist, will conduct the weekend workshop. Lesley has seen thousands of clients and has conducted numerous workshops in areas as diverse as relationships and energy work.

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Bring a friend! Second person 50% off

Graduates of the workshop pay a reduced fee of $90.00/hour

for individual sessions instead of $155.00.

And people who take the workshop a second time (or third) pay $125.00




Manifest the Real Deal Workshop