Light the Path

Customer Testimonials:

I can’t thank you enough for doing … what you do! I want to tell you how you made a difference for me. I have held inside me so much angst about what I just thought of as my double life. What a funny way for me to word it. But, the passion for my business has so often threatened my husband (and sometimes my two daughters)that I’d hold back sharing exciting news because,while they wouldn’t exactly roll their eyes, it was the impression I had.
You told me so many things that made it seem like you knew me forever!
You gave me a new perspective on life, thank you!   

Sherrie T., Pittsburgh



I've had many teachers and healers throughout my life.  Most have been positive experiences for me.  Although I'm a writer and healer myself, your work is so unique that I'm almost at a loss for words. You bring many gifts, talents and strengths together all in one Being.  Often one has to work with different individuals, one who channels, plus a separate therapist, or an intuitive and a different healer etc.
You have the wisdom and bring all this together.
Thank you!

Mary D., Tucson



I'm finally feeling some inner peace after 3 years of turmoil and self-flagellation.  Please feel free to use me as a testimonial source.  I am absolutely thrilled that I was led to you and look forward to unraveling my journey with you in the future. Your guidance is spiritual, pragmatic and grounded.  Your gift of reading energy fields and your background in psychology and as a therapist enhance all aspects of your work as an integrative healer.
Blessings to you!
Cara B., Cleveland



YOU GAVE ME THE STRENGTH TO KNOW WHEN TO SPEAK AND WHEN TO BE SILENT! I can still hold onto my dreams and see that my desire to make the world a better place is “okay,” actually good. But, I had such feelings of guilt because the last thing I want to do is hurt anyone but somehow I was afraid I was doing that with my marriage.
I understand now how much my husband loves me (without saying it). I will make change here – show him more what he means to me and not fear that wall that seems to build because he, naturally, is just not as communicative. And that is NOT a fault of his, just the way he is wired.
Your perspective will stay with me for years … I hope forever!
I just wanted you to know the difference you made in my life.
Christie K., Brentwood


One of the things I want to tell you  is that of all the health, healing, spa services offered, you are the one that changed my life most dramatically.  I had grown to be very cynical and really was apprehensive, but decided to try one more time. I have been to a therapists before, and of all the people I met, you were the most able to isolate my issues and provide practical applications. Your manner and accuracy in identifying my problem areas and intuition was most clear on things I needed to do personally to achieve a greater level of happiness and health balance.  Your input on finding balance and love in my life also lead me down a path to increase my spirituality, and I have since met a man I am interested in dating!
Sharon H., Dallas 


Lesley Lupo has provided me with a clarity and self awareness that has forever changed the direction and focus of my life. The benefit of her wisdom and guidance serves as a bright white beacon in the darkest hours of life's greatest challenges. She provided me with the tools to listen to and trust my own inner voice and gut feelings over and above the conflicts between my heart and mind. She is a sensational guide.
Peter J., Boulder


I have been meeting with psychotherapists for years. At the time I met Lesley Lupo, I was going through a rather difficult period dealing with life events such as an old friend’s suicide, the breakup of a serious relationship, and the loss of a job. Lesley was extremely helpful – I found her to be very talented and honest. So much so, that I continue to seek her
counsel to this day from afar, calling her a few times a year.  Lesley Lupo, like most great teachers, truly defines the “multi-sensory” personality. She is aware of the immortal soul
and knows our lifetime is one of a myriad of experiences of our own soul. Lesley has no control over your own life, but she does help you see the road ahead more clearly. I strongly recommend taking advantage of her insights as often as
possible – I know I will.
Clifford N., New York


In the several years since I met you, I continue to be amazed by your incredible insight. When I work with you, I learn so much about myself as I get the unusual advantage of your training as a therapist. When you combine all that with a deep compassion, you offer a powerful and compelling combination.
Rick M., Birmingham


For years, Lesley's innovative work has helped me to grow and learn from my childhood programming that was running my life. She taught me simple exercises and visualizations that I still use today if my old 'tapes' or behaviors surface.
Bathsheva S., Tucson


Lesley Lupo is a most gifted visionary with the training of a therapist, brilliant mind of a CEO, and gentle soul of a best friend. For the past three years we have worked individually and I have participated in her instructional workshops. Though she’ll swear I’ve done the work, she’s changed my life. Personally, Lesley has guided me to a deep place of happiness
and peace, and professionally I have never been more productive. Both profound and practical, Lesley has helped me to clearly assess all of the relationships in my life and to achieve more balance in all I choose to do.
Janey T., Beverly Hills