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Welcome to Light the Path.

The place to find help in the shifting world of relationships as the roles in love and marriage evolve.


Are you tired of dead end relationships?

When an intimate relationship, whether it be a friend, family member or romantic love suddenly ends, pain and frustration takes a toll on us. This workshop teaches a pathway through the overcrowded landscape of possibilities and puts you in the driver's seat, giving you the opportunity to avoid dead ends entirely.

      The love you attract in this world mirrors the way you relate to yourself. If you fail to cherish yourself, you will invite people who ignore your needs.

If you live without boundaries, you will find needy people who want to latch on and drain you. Putting yourself second (or third or fourth) will attract narcissists who might never concern themselves with your needs. If you belittle yourself or criticize yourself, you will attract people who are impossible to please and who will abuse you, physically or emotionally.




And so on.

What, you ask, was the beginning of it all?

And it was this . . .

Existence that multiplied into numberless trillions of forms

So that it might


Itself . . .


~Sri Aurobindo




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