Light the Path

I am finishing my final edit on a book that I wrote. It is titled

Surf ‘n Seeds and is a character-driven, literary novel for children 9 to 90. The storyline has a background rich with adventure as Surf’n Seeds weaves back and forth between mystical lessons for children reminiscent of The Alchemist and a vivid portrayal of our natural world. Clues are woven into the fabric of the plot that tell of past history and things yet to come. Instead of the classic good vs. evil story, the “bad guy” is our fear within; our fear of being different, our fear of making mistakes, and our fear of asking for help.


I have just posted the first 22 pages to read if you wish, so:

Click here to visit the web page for the book:

I am a licensed NLP therapist with more than 25 years of experience as an Intuitive and Tarot card reader. I've worked with thousands of clients from royalty to celebrities and have conducted numerous workshops and seminars in areas as diverse as relationships, energy work, and opening up our inner channels.


As a small child, I was aware of the gift I had of seeing events before they happened and the guides that are with us every day. I also learned that no one else around saw these things, so it scared me a little and I shut it down. I had always been drawn to spiritual teachings in high school, reading the Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads along with Sybil Leek. At 18 years old, two different women approached me within two weeks of each other with the same question, a question that helped me along my path. They both asked, "Why do you have your Light turned off?"


Both women told me that I had a gift that was slumbering, a gift of a great White Light and offered to teach me how to access it. 

The first woman, Lily, was a Native American medicine woman who walked up to me at a ceremonial dance. The second woman, Bonnie, was a 7th generation Wiccan who approached me in her store in Albuquerque. Both were older, venerated women in their chosen paths and both helped me to reawaken my psychic channel.


I now utilize this gift to help people find their own inner guidance and point people to a pathway of higher consciousness. I give my clients a new perspective of themselves, of the world, and how we relate to each other in order to bring them back to the light within.


I received a BA in Psych and a BFA in Studio Art in college, which makes for an interesting balance. I've studied counseling, focusing on Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming and continued my education in such diverse subjects as Reiki Master level Energy Work, anger and grief counseling, and Biosomatics.


I have worked in the Metaphysical Department at the Canyon Ranch Health Resort in Tucson, Arizona for over the last twenty years.


I am also writing now and my first project is two children's books. I'm in my final edit of "Surf'n Seeds" and afterwards will begin the tedious challange of seeking an agent to help me get it published. The other book is a selection of Aesop's tales expanded to 5,000 words each. It is titled "The Original Anthology of Day Stop's" which means evening in Old English, so it is for children's bedtime reading.


I have just finished a nonfiction book about my Near Death Experience which will be titled "Every Breath is Precious." Those were the very last words my Soul group said to me as I began my return.